Sculpture from the Parthenon frieze
From the Parthenon frieze, Athens, 5th century BC

Welcome! The Department of Greek and Latin is pleased to receive inquiries and visitors throughout the year, including during the summers. The best times to visit, however, are during the fall and spring semesters, when our faculty are in residence, our students are on campus, and our course schedules are in full swing. During these times, you can meet not only with our advisors and our other faculty, but with our majors or our graduate or certificate students. You can also attend one or more of our classes to gain a sense of departmental life.

We are glad to talk with you at any time about your interests in the ancient and medieval worlds, your academic background, and the possibility of your joining us here at Catholic University.  Please feel free to contact us.

  • Colosseum, Rome

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  • Philippeion, Olympia, Greece

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  • Roman Villa, Stabiae

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