Celebrating our graduates and their placement success

The Department of Greek and Latin is delighted to announce that several current and recent graduates have been recognized for outstanding achievements and earned new positions in the field.   Congratulations to all!  (And a friendly solicitation here to others who may also have good news to share--please let us know!)

  • Kathleen Kirsch, Ph.D. 2019, will begin this fall as Assistant Professor of Classical Studies and Catholic Studies, and Director of the Summer Latin Institute, at the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND.
  • Patricia Craig, M.A. (A.B.D.), will serve for academic year 2021-22 as Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics at The George Washington University in Washington, DC, while continuing progress on her Ph.D. in this department.
  •  Jodie Augustine, M.A. forthcoming August 2021, will begin this fall as a full-time Lecturer of Greek and Latin at Lee University in Cleveland, TN, while continuing progress on her Ph.D. in this department.
  • Rachel Elam, M.A. forthcoming August 2021, will begin this fall as a Latin teacher at Tidewater Classical Academy, a private Christian school in Virginia Beach, VA.  Joining in a hybrid model of half-day classroom instruction and half-day homeschool instruction, she will be teaching Latin for 5th through 9th grade students.
  • Matthew Blanchard, B.A. 2019, M.A. Art History (Ancient Art), University of Massachusetts, 2021, will teach this fall as part-time Visiting Lecturer in Art History at Westfield State University.
  • Nissa Flanders, B.A. 2021, has been elected to Phi Beta Kappa and is currently pursuing her M.A. here in the Department of Greek and Latin.
  • Tim Buonocore, B.A. 2021, will begin his M.A. this fall on a full teaching assistantship (tuition with stipend) at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.
  • Evan Dill, B.A. forthcoming August 2021, will begin his M.A. this fall on a full teaching assistantship (tuition with stipend) at the University of Maryland, College Park, MD.

Graduate students create and lead immersive spoken-Latin workshop

Patricia Craig, a Catholic University Ph.D. candidate in Greek and Latin, together with Charles Carman, a Ph.D. student in Church History, and Conor Stark, a Ph.D. student in Philosophy, created and led an immersive spoken Latin event called Triduum Virginiense at Christendom College, July 22-25, focusing upon Vergil's fourth Eclogue. They invited David Ring, who founded an active Latin program at Veritas Prep in Phoenix, AZ, to help lead the event. Triduum Virginiense was supported in part by a Program Grant from the Classical Association of the Atlantic States.  Below, L to R: David Ring, Charles Carman, Patricia Craig, and Conor Stark.