• Students on the Colosseum

    Study Abroad

    Study abroad is particularly recommended for classicists, given the field's professional emphasis upon the languages, literatures, and cultures that originated in the Mediterranean world.

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  • Greek Column

    Classics in the Summertime

    Whether you are an undergraduate, certificate, or graduate student in classics, the summer is an ideal time for you to strengthen your skills, build your knowledge, and explore the discipline.

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  • Lincoln Memorial


    Greek and Latin majors are strongly encouraged to take internships for course credit. Not only do internships give students invaluable professional experience, but they also allow them to apply their research, writing, and analytical skills in the world outside of academia.

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  • Smithsonian Museum

    Career Development

    Students who succeed in earning a classics degree, whether in languages or in civilization, have gained command of a broad and diverse body of knowledge, have been challenged to engage with great ideas, have read widely, and have honed their abilities in critical thinking, argumentation, research, and writing.

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  • Caryatids in Greece

    Honor Society

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  • Students studying under tree

    Campus Life

    The Catholic University of America gives you the best of both worlds — an independent living experience, and a supportive community you’ll come to lean on and appreciate in challenging times.

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  • Cultural engagement

    Student Services

    There is a dedicated team of student service professionals at The Catholic University of America. Staff members can assist students with academic support, health and wellness, and intercultural connections.

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