The Department of Greek and Latin offers a wide variety of courses each semester, including both languages at all levels from introductory to graduate; classes on the history, civilization, and culture of the ancient world taught using sources in English; and specialized classes in advanced analysis and technical disciplines.

Numbering and naming conventions

Language courses

Courses that teach Greek and Latin languages are designated GR and LAT, respectively.  Within these categories, the first four semesters of study are designated as 101-102 (the elementary year) and 103-104 (the intermediate year).

Many language courses above the 104 level are cross-listed to allow for enrollment by both undergraduate (numbered in the 400s and below) and graduate or certificate (numbered in the 500s and above) students.  Because students will be evaluated on either the Catholic University undergraduate or graduate grading scale according to the course number under which they are registered, it is important to choose the right version of the class you are planning to take.  Those with questions are always invited to consult the advisors.

Courses not requiring the use of ancient languages

The department also offers many courses where no Greek or Latin is required or taught.  These courses are labeled CLAS, and they range from undergraduate ancient history (CLAS 205-206) and mythology (CLAS 211) all the way up to graduate seminars (like CLAS 621, on Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire). 

CLAS courses are a great way to try out the discipline and get to know the department.  At the undergraduate level, they also count easily towards our minor and our major in Classical Studies.