Tower of the Winds in Athens
'Tower of the Winds,' Roman Agora, Athens

Welcome to the undergraduate section of the Department of Greek and Latin! Our majors spend their days studying ancient literature, history, art, and archaeology. Many of them complete a summer or a semester--or even more time than that--abroad. They often double major in other disciplines (Philosophy and History are especially popular); they complete minors in other fields across the university. We count amongst our undergraduates many members of the Honors Program, leaders in campus activities, athletes, and musicians.  They are energized by their collective excitement about the ancient world, and they choose their programs based upon how much language work they wish to complete, ranging from learning both Greek and Latin to needing no Greek or Latin at all.

  • Classics - Greek and Latin (B.A.)

    This degree program builds to the abundant study of the Greek and Latin languages and literatures at the advanced level. It can be a first step towards graduate work in the field and a professional career in classics, but that is only one possibility.  Majors in this program have also pursued study or careers in publishing, ministry, secondary teaching, public service, library science, education administration, and IT. 

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  • Classical Humanities (B.A.)

    This degree program offers two options for specialization: Greek or Latin. A Classical Humanities major masters one ancient language through the advanced level, while also studying ancient culture. This is the major recommended for future Latin teachers, but it also combines especially well with other academic and career interests: past members of this program have studied mathematics, entered law school, and pursued consulting work.

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  • Classical Civilization (B.A.)

    This degree program includes studies in Greek and Roman history, mythology, literature, and art, along with possible electives in areas like archaeology, philosophy, early Christianity, and art history. This is our most flexible major, because students in this program can choose whether or not to study an ancient language. Our Classical Civilization majors have gone on to study or work in such fields as art conservation, middle-school and high-school teaching, theology, the military, nursing, archaeology, law, public policy, school counseling, and the nonprofit sector.

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  • Minors

    The Department of Greek and Latin offers three undergraduate minors: Greek, Latin, and Classical Civilization.

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  • Senior Project

    Required of all seniors, the senior project is tailored to each student's major and particular interests. It is carried out with the guidance and support of the student's project advisor and the department as a whole.

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  • Undergraduate Handbook

    Our Undergraduate Handbook gathers into one place most of the departmental information that our majors and minors will need throughout their careers.

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