The department welcomes four main types of gifts:

  • Contributions to existing funds and endowments to help ensure their growth and continuation. These resources support a wide variety of endeavors ranging from scholarships to book purchases.
  • Contributions to newly developing funds in progress. A number of departmental alumni and former students have recently started a potential scholarship fund to honor the memory of Dr. George J. Siefert.
  • Contributions to the department's general budget, with or without restriction as to purpose.
  • Gifts of both new and used books for the departmental library, whether for faculty or student use. Textual editions, commentaries, scholarly references, and monographs assist in research and teaching and play a vital role in the daily life of the department. Donated books, upon request, can be commemorated with bookplates to serve as lasting memorials of your gift.

All gifts, including books, are appropriately acknowledged by both the department itself and by the university.

If you are interested in providing this kind of support to the Department of Greek and Latin, please feel free to email the department chair directly.

Please contact a member of the Division of University Advancement to learn more about how you can contribute to the continued success of the Department of Greek and Latin:

  • Wade Stokes - Assistant Dean of Advancement, Arts & Sciences: 202-319-6885 or
  • Ryan Kehoe - Assistant Director, Leadership Annual Giving: 202-319-6041 or