Our Washington, D.C. location combined with a classicist's analytical skills means that a wide variety of internships are open to our students, in fields ranging from teaching to museum studies to intelligence. Internships can take place during the summer or during the academic year, and can often be used to earn course credit towards graduation, too.

Latin teaching internships

Our department  enjoys a special partnership with the Washington Latin Public Charter School (WLPCS), where our undergraduate, certificate, and graduate students can earn course credit at Catholic University while working with students and assisting in the classroom.

Our WLPCS interns spend approximately 120 hours at the school over the course of a semester. Apprenticed to one or more teachers, they begin by observing and journaling, but move quickly to grading, preparing supplemental student materials, tutoring, and working with small groups. Under the supervision of their mentors, they learn about resource selection, lesson planning, and effective presentation.

This intensive program carries internship credit in the Department of Greek and Latin (not the Department of Education), but it is an unparalleled opportunity to experience a potential career in education from the inside.

Museum internships

The D.C. area is extraordinarily fortunate in its concentration of museums, and Catholic University's Department of Art collects information on local museum internships. Internships are also available at The Walters Art Museum (Baltimore), which houses a notable collection of ancient Greek and Roman art and artifacts.

The Association of Art Museum Curators Internships and Fellowships directory and the national internship list at Mt. Holyoke are also good places to gain an overview and begin a wider search.

Other internship opportunities

Catholic University's Center for Academic and Career Success is a central point of contact for internships in a wide variety of disciplines, both in the US and abroad. Students are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with the CACS to discuss their interests and learn how to identify opportunities.