As a department, we take special pride in our high standards for the study of the ancient languages. During the summer, we offer live, fully online courses that provide the equivalent of up to four semesters of university-level study for academic credit, in either Greek or Latin. Those with prior background can also choose advanced-level language courses.

A special discounted tuition rate, currently $515 per credit hour, applies to all summer online language courses (prefixed GR or LAT) offered by the Department of Greek and Latin.

Course format

All of our summer courses are taught synchronously online, meaning that all students and the instructor are on videoconference together for the duration of each class session.  Since live interaction is an important key to the effectiveness of our courses, attendance at class meetings is necessary: fully or partially asynchronous course membership is not possible at this time.

  • Elementary-level courses

    The elementary-level courses, GR 509 and LAT 509, take place during the first six-week summer session, which begins in the middle of May. Each of these courses carries six hours of university credit (6 cr) and requires a class attendance commitment of three hours per day, five days per week. Homework and studying at this level typically occupy at least four hours per day.

    By the end of the six-week session, our Greek students have received the necessary preparation to read Plato or Xenophon; our Latin students are prepared to read (for example) Caesar, Catullus, or Cicero--even if they have never studied an ancient language before.

  • Intermediate-level courses

    The intermediate courses, GR 516-517 (Intermediate Greek 1-2) and LAT 516-517 (Intermediate Latin 1-2), take place during the second six-week summer session, which begins in late June. Each of these is a three-credit (3 cr) course, meeting for three weeks, three hours per day, five days per week. The central goals of all of these courses are to provide students with a "first reading" experience and to engage in intensive study of syntax and style.

    LAT 517B is taught at the same level as LAT 517, but whereas LAT 517 concentrates upon classical Latin poetry (usually Vergil's Aeneid), LAT 517B focuses upon the works of Augustine and Aquinas.

  • Advanced-level courses

    The advanced-level courses, GR 492/592 and LAT 492/592, are each six weeks long. One is offered during the first six-week summer session, which begins in the middle of May, and the other during the second six-week summer session, which starts in late June (there is no fixed order from year to year as to which comes first and which second). They are three-credit (3 cr) courses, and they typically meet three days per week.

    Our summer offerings at the advanced level help our own students progress more rapidly towards their degrees and certificates, and we also welcome qualified students from other institutions. If you are not certain whether an advanced summer course would fit your level of previous study or your goals, please feel free to contact the department, since a placement exam is required for advanced-level enrollment.

Further general information on the summer experience at Catholic University is available on the Summer Sessions website. You might also be interested in exploring our FAQs about the Summer Program.