This program provides the strongest possible foundation for additional work in the broader field of classics. Its graduates gain high linguistic competence in both Latin and Greek, receive training in research methodologies, and accumulate a portfolio of credentials that includes the study of prose composition, the passing of translation and essay examinations, the acquisition of reading skills in a modern foreign language, and the preparation of formal papers that can be employed in future applications to doctoral programs.


  • GR 511, Greek Prose Composition (3 cr)
  • LAT 511, Latin Prose Composition (3 cr)
  • * GR 655, Survey of Greek Literature (3 cr)
  • * LAT 655, Survey of Latin Literature (3 cr)
  • 6 other approved courses (18 cr total)
  • Modern language examination in French or German
  • M.A. comprehensive examinations in Greek and in Latin (preceded by sight-translation exams)
  • Submission of 2 approved research papers

TOTAL = 30 cr

* Please note that students are not ordinarily permitted to register for GR or LAT 655 in their first year of graduate studies.

Language placement upon entrance

All graduate students in this program take placement exams in both Greek and Latin prior to beginning their coursework. The exam results are used to place students in appropriate classes; it is therefore advisable to arrange with the departmental administrative assistant to take them during the summer prior to entrance, or at least prior to the beginning of the fall semester.

Departmental consent is required for registration for all advanced language courses.

Modern language examination in French or German

Competence in French or German is demonstrated by passing a departmental examination. The examination is one hour long and consists of a single passage of academic French or German. A dictionary may be used. To pass the examination, students must be able to translate approximately one full page into standard English with a high level of accuracy. Students who have not previously studied the language at the college level should first take and pass the graduate-level reading courses offered by the Department of Modern Languages (French 500 or German 500).

  • Comprehensive Examinations

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