On behalf of the School of Canon Law, the Department of Greek and Latin offers an online Latin placement exam to Canon Law students who have previously studied Latin at a school other than Catholic University. The placement exam is administered online in a secure environment; access is granted upon request to the department. The exam can only be taken one time in a student's career at Catholic University.

The exam is designed to provide a graded approach to placement. It can be be used for placement into LAT 501A/B-502A/B (Latin 1-2) or LAT 505 (Latin 3), or beyond LAT 505 (thus fulfilling the Canon Law Latin requirement).

The test consists of five parts worth a total of 100 points. The first three parts are based upon the classical Latin forms, syntax, and vocabulary taught in LAT 501A/B. All of the questions in these sections are multiple choice. The first part (questions 1-30) tests morphology. The second part (questions 31-60) tests simple sentences. The third part (questions 61-80) tests complex sentences. The resource we recommend for reviewing this material is a textbook often used in 501A/B-502A/B: Learn to Read Latin (Yale University Press).

The fourth and fifth parts of the exam are based upon passages of canonical Latin. Part four (questions 81-90) asks multiple choice comprehension and grammar questions about two passages. Part five (90-100) asks for translations of two passages of canonical Latin.

Students are given 3 hours for the online exam (timed by the system and beginning upon login) and are permitted to use a dictionary of their own choice, but not a grammar (nor a dictionary containing a grammar).

Once the exam is taken, a member of the faculty from the Department of Greek and Latin will determine placement on the basis of the scores achieved on the various parts of the exam. Evaluations are simultaneously reported by email to the student and the School of Canon Law.