The Department of Greek and Latin offers three undergraduate minors: Greek, Latin, and Classical Civilization. You may easily begin a language minor by completing the Catholic University language requirement in Latin or Greek, since the LAT 103-104 and GR 103-104 courses count towards the minors.

  • Minor in Greek

    GR 103, GR 104, four other courses in Greek beyond the 104 level.

  • Minor in Latin

    LAT 103, LAT 104, four other courses in Latin beyond the 104 level.

  • Minor in Classical Civilization

    Any six approved courses chosen in conjunction with the undergraduate advisor from among the Classics (CLAS) courses of the department. Up to four Greek and/or Latin courses at the 103 level or higher may be substituted for up to four of these Classics courses.

  • Minoring Outside of the Department

    Majors are encouraged to use their distribution courses to form coherent minors in related subject areas. These minors add additional strength and documented "expertise" to your B.A. degree, and can be used to profile your other interests for potential employers or graduate programs.

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