A number of former students of Dr. George J. Siefert (1910-1984), a longtime faculty member in the Department of Greek and Latin, have offered generous donations to begin a departmental fund in honor of their teacher and mentor. With additional support from other alumni and friends, this seed may become a named departmental scholarship endowment.

The participation of the following individuals who have already supported the development of the new Siefert fund is gratefully acknowledged:

  • Mr. James Curwood
  • Mr. Charles Giglio
  • Mr. John McGrath
  • Dr. Dennis Sullivan

If you would like to join in the development of the new Siefert fund, you may wish to learn about giving to the department.

Dr. George J. Siefert (1910-1984)

Dr. Siefert first taught at Catholic University as an instructor in 1936, immediately upon returning from a two-year fellowship at the American Academy in Rome. He was promoted to assistant professor in 1947, shortly before receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania (1948); his dissertation was Meter and Case in the Latin Elegiac Pentameter, a topic that reflects the devotion to precise and elegant Latinity that was a hallmark of his classroom teaching. In 1963, he was promoted to associate professor, and in 1965, he was awarded the Benemerenti Medal for service to Catholic University by Pope John VI (sources: obituary letter from Frederick R. McManus, Academic Vice President,Catholic University, October 19, 1984; Cynthia Kahn, "A Memorial of George J. Siefert, Jr.," American Academy in Rome, October 17, 1988).

Dr. Dennis Sullivan (B.A., 1963), has written a detailed recollection of Siefert's teaching at Catholic University, entitled "Encomium for George" (Beau Gray Press, 2006).