This page is intended to assist members of other educational institutions in advertising position openings that they would like to circulate to this department.

About our students

The student members of the Department of Greek and Latin have diverse backgrounds that may be of interest to primary, secondary, and post-secondary institutions with both short-term and long-term needs. Undergraduate majors in all of our programs frequently complete minors in such fields as philosophy, theology and religious studies, history, anthropology, art history, and modern foreign languages; our graduate students, in addition to achieving enhanced linguistic competence, often possess prior collegiate or pre-collegiate teaching and tutoring experience.

Announcing your position opening

If you are an educator or educational administrator interested in posting a position for a teacher or instructor, we invite you to submit your opportunity directly via email.

If you are not currently circulating a composed job notice, we invite you to copy or modify the following categories of information in an email so that we will be able to advertise your needs as specifically as possible:

  • Institution:
  • Level of institution: [e.g. primary, secondary, community college, etc.]
  • Geographical location:
  • Position: [e.g. Latin teacher, substitute history teacher, etc.]
  • Full-time/part-time:
  • Anticipated dates and duration of employment:
  • Subject(s) to be taught:
  • Level(s) of subject(s) to be taught:
  • Compensation structure:
  • Other comments:
  • Date posted:
  • Application deadline:
  • Application procedure (if any):
  • Contact:

Thank you very much for your interest in our department and our students.