This page is intended to assist interested individuals from outside Catholic University in listing requests that they would like to have circulated within this department.

Please note that if you are a current student at Catholic University, you should not use this page to request a language tutor. Catholic University students have access to peer tutoring through the Center for Academic and Career Success

About our students

The student members of the Department of Greek and Latin, as a group, generally have backgrounds in Latin and/or classical Greek. Undergraduate majors in Classics or in Classical Humanities can usually tutor languages through grade school and high school and into the earlier undergraduate levels; our graduate students often possess prior collegiate or pre-collegiate teaching experience and can generally tutor at any level. Members of the department's graduate cohort may also possess individual expertise in more specialized areas such as medieval Latin, late or Byzantine Greek, or Biblical Greek.

Seeking a tutor

Whether you are the parent of a younger student who is working to excel, a high school sophomore or junior looking towards AP exams, or an interested member of the community who wishes to acquire or improve skills in one of the ancient languages, the department hopes to be able to assist you in your search for the right tutor.

We invite you to copy or modify the following categories of information in an email so that we will be able to advertise your needs as specifically as possible.

  • Language desired:
  • Client's educational level: [e.g. 7th-grader, high school sophomore, adult]
  • Client's current school or university (if applicable):
  • Level of client's current linguistic attainment:
  • Client's linguistic goals:
  • Anticipated dates and duration of employment:
  • Anticipated hours per week:
  • Geographical location:
  • Compensation structure:
  • Other comments:
  • Date posted:
  • Deadline for inquiries:
  • Contact:


The Department of Greek and Latin provides its students with general information on appropriate hourly rates for tutoring in the ancient languages. Students and those who would employ them as tutors are asked to negotiate fair and mutually agreeable compensation and payment methods prior to the commencement of tutoring services.

Thank you very much for your interest in our department and our students.