Students may begin this certificate program with no prior background in Latin and, with summer study, complete the Certificate in one calendar year of continuous enrollment.

  • List of Certificate Requirements

    • LAT 511, Latin Prose Composition (3 cr)
    • 1 approved advanced Latin course (3 cr)
    • 1 approved advanced Latin course (3 cr)
    • 1 approved advanced Latin course (3 cr)
    • 1 approved advanced Latin course (3 cr)

Time to complete the Certificate in Latin

The Certificate in Latin can be completed in a minimum of one two-semester academic year for students who enter with intermediate-level language studies already completed and who are able to test directly into advanced-level courses. Summer study in this case is required for efficiency's sake (see below).

The Certificate in Latin may also be completed gradually, in which case this potential timeline need not apply.

Courses enclosed within square brackets in the schedule below are elementary- and intermediate-level courses that are available, if necessary, to bring language skills up to the level required to begin certificate studies. The credit hours for these bracketed courses do not count towards the total credit hours required for the certificate.

Term Courses Credits
Summer 1 [Latin 509] + [Latin 516-517] [6 cr] + [6 cr] = [12 cr]
Fall semester Latin 511; 1 approved advanced Latin course 6 cr
Spring semester 2 approved advanced Latin courses 6 cr
Spring semester or Summer 2 1 approved advanced Latin course 3 cr
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