This program provides the training for students interested in future work on the languages, cultures, and religions of the eastern Mediterranean world, from antiquity through the Middle Ages. Students who enter this program may also pursue the study of Latin, although this is not required. With full-time study, this M.A. can be completed in two to three years, depending upon when a student elects to take comprehensive exams.

  • List of Degree Requirements

    Greek placement exam

    • Taken upon entry into the program; used for placement purposes only

    Courses (30 cr / 10 courses total)

    • GR 511, Greek Prose Composition (3 cr)
    • GR 655, Survey of Greek Literature (3 cr), taken in the second year or above
    • 8 other approved courses (24 cr total)


    • Modern language examination in French or German
    • M.A. comprehensive examinations in Greek (preceded by sight-translation exam)

    Additional requirements

    • Submission of 2 approved research papers
  • Comprehensive Examinations

    Following a modern language exam in French or German and a preliminary sight-translation exam in Greek, the M.A. comprehensive exams include a reading list (translation exam) in Greek and an essay exam on Greek literature and history.

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  • Graduate and Certificate Handbook

    Our Graduate and Certificate Handbook gathers into one place most of the departmental information that our students will need throughout their careers at Catholic University.

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