In this major, students investigate the ancient world from a variety of perspectives. They take core courses in Greek and Roman literature, ancient history, art and architecture, and mythology, along with relevant electives chosen from throughout the university. They also complete a senior project. Students are required to have a 2.5 GPA in all departmental courses and a 2.0 GPA in their other courses.

Although students in this program may take courses in Greek or Latin, this is not required: a Classical Civilization major can choose any ancient or modern language to fulfill the Catholic University language requirement.

  • List of Required Courses

    • CLAS 105: Reading the Greeks
    • CLAS 106: Reading the Romans
    • CLAS 205: History of Ancient Greece
    • CLAS 206: History of Ancient Rome
    • CLAS 211: Greek and Roman Mythology
    • CLAS 317: Greek Art and Architecture
    • CLAS 318: Roman Art and Architecture
    • Approved elective [up to three of the four electives may be GR or LAT at the 103 level or above]
    • Approved elective
    • Approved elective
    • Approved elective
    • CLAS 425 (1 cr): Senior Project 1 ( = independent research supervised by a faculty member)
    • CLAS 426 (2 cr): Senior Project 2 ( = independent research supervised by a faculty member)


  • Senior Project

    Required of all seniors, the senior project is tailored to each student's particular interests. It is carried out with the guidance and support of the student's project advisor and the department as a whole.

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  • Undergraduate Handbook

    Our Undergraduate Handbook gathers into one place most of the departmental information that our majors and minors will need throughout their careers.

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