Adding a Certificate to Your Degree Program

If you are already a degree-seeking graduate student at Catholic University, Certificate admission in this department is based on an internal application. The approval of your degree program adviser is also required.

To add one of our Certificate programs to your current graduate degree, please complete the Certificate Application for Current Catholic University Graduate Students, and attach the following supplementary materials.

Required supplementary materials for application

  1. A pdf of your unofficial Catholic University transcript.

  2. A resume or curriculum vitae.

  3. A one-page statement of purpose detailing your academic interests and goals, the career you hope to pursue, and the reasons that have led you to apply for a language certificate.

  4. A statement of your previous level of attainment in Greek and/or Latin, including a list (with approximate page counts or percentages of a whole work) of any literature you have read in the original. Even if you have studied a language at the elementary level, or if you have background in self-study or in high school, please list it and describe it as precisely as you can, naming your textbook(s) if possible.

There is no admissions deadline for current Catholic University graduate students, who may apply to the Certificate program at any point during their studies. Language placement testing may be required for those who have not yet started their Greek or Latin classes.