Welcome! We are delighted that you are thinking about studying the ancient languages with us. Our Certificate program is a terrific way to try out graduate-level work in the discipline, and to get to know our department, as well.

If you have explored our certificate programs and are thinking about applying, you may want to consult our FAQs about certificate admission, or set up a conversation with our chair or graduate advisor to discuss your interests and your plans.

Ready to apply right away? The application and admissions procedures for the certificate programs vary according to your affiliation with Catholic University. Please read below about the timing of your application, and then choose the pathway that applies to your situation.

The timing of your application

  • If you are planning to complete a certificate in approximately a single calendar year of study, remember that any elementary- or intermediate-level "catch-up" work will begin during the summer, as early as mid-May. For this pathway, you will need to submit your application by April 15 in order to complete any necessary language placement testing, schedule your coursework, and start classes.
  • If you have more than a year available to complete a certificate, you may apply at any time you wish, since Catholic University as an institution practices rolling admissions.
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