If you have explored our certificate programs and are thinking about applying, you may want to consult our frequently-asked questions about the certificates to assist you in making your plans. Our advisors are always willing to meet with prospective students to discuss the department and your potential place within it; please feel free to contact them for a telephone conversation or in-person appointment.

Ready to apply right away? The admissions procedures for the certificate programs vary according to your affiliation with Catholic University. Please read about the timing of your application, and then follow the instructions under the header that best applies to your situation.

The timing of your application

  • If you are planning to complete a certificate in approximately a single calendar year of study, remember that any elementary- or intermediate-level "catch-up" work you may need in either language will begin during the summer, i.e. in mid-May. You will need to submit your application in time to complete any necessary language placement testing, schedule your coursework, and start classes. Please consult the certificate FAQs to learn more about language placement procedures.
    If you are applying on this timeline, it is strongly recommended that you send an email to the department chair at the time you submit your application. All you need do is identify yourself, notify the chair that you wish to be considered for admission to the certificate program, and list the date on which you submitted your application packet to Catholic University. This contact will assist the department in tracing your application through the university system.
  • If you have more than a year available to complete a certificate, you may apply at any time you wish, since Catholic University as an institution practices rolling admissions, and the Department of Greek and Latin will, with the assistance of its placement exams, advise you about the best time to begin taking courses. You may of course also feel free to maintain contact with the department both before and during the application process.
    Now that you know more about when to apply, please consult the more detailed information about application requirements under the appropriate heading below.
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