Latinitas is the journal of the Pontificia Academia Latinitatis, founded under its current auspices in 2013. Its international Editorial Committee oversees its twice-yearly publication. The departmental library owns a copy of the inaugural issue (subscriptions are also available), and archives copies of the tables of contents here.

Editorial Committee

Prof. Ivano Dionigi (President, Pontifical Academy for Latin; Rector, Univ. of Bologna)

Associate Editors
Prof. Paolo d'Alessandro (Univ. of Chieti-Pescara)
Prof. Mario De Nonno (Univ. of Rome III)

Committee Members
Bishop Sergio Pagano, B. (Prefect, Vatican Secret Archives)
Rev. Prof. Manlio Sodi, S.D.B. (President, Pontifical Academy of Theology)
Prof. Michael Winterbottom, F.B.A. (Corpus Christi College, Oxford)
Prof. Mirella Ferrari (U.C.S.C.-Milan)
Prof. William Klingshirn (The Catholic University of America)
Prof. Marianne Pade (Aarhus Univ.)
Prof. Dirk Sacré (K.U.-Leuven)

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